Searching – tips

We encourage you to browse our website!

  • The simple searching tool will let you find songs by title or lyrics author.
  • You are welcome to miss polish letters, as well as using CAPS LOCK freely. It will work anyway. You remember three letters only? No problem! Put them into our browser, you may be suprised by the outcome!


  • At every record you will find a handful of informations as:
      • title of the song,
      • author of the poetry,
      • tessitura,
      • link to the scores legally avaliable online for free
      • link to the recording if avaliable
      • english word-to-word translation for every song
      • the basic phonetic transcription, that you may figure out the pronunciation on your own


  • Both phonetic transcription and translation are available as .pdf file for you to download.